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Milestone Systems IP Video Software   http://www.milestonesys.com    
Milestone provides state-of-the-art IP video management technology, so you can effectively manage risks and protect assets. Milestone´s well-proven technology enables companies to build reliable and stable IP video solutions. The Milestone technology is proven in operation in more than 25,000 customer installations, so you know you can count on robust performance.

As your surveillance requirements grow, so do the scalable XProtect solutions. Simply upgrade to a larger version or add more devices and servers. Moves, adds and changes are easy to do. This allows you to take advantage of the newest technology.

Milestone software supports more than 300 different camera models, video decoders and selected DVR´s from over 35 manufacturers. This gives you the widest selection so you can choose the right device for the job.

Milestone remote access empowers managers, security personnel and administrators with full control. Featuring an intuitive and easy to-operate interface, the remote access provides both seamless live view and instant access to recorded video for fast searching, analysis and export of evidence.

Download a free trial – fill out the form and enter promo code MSNMB1208US

For additional product specifications, prices, and information on Milestone® products or for special requirements contact us.

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